Insight Financial Modelling can make your life a bit easier. We can help you to significantly improve your financial and reporting processes and deliver tangible benefits that have previously proved to be elusive. Our spreadsheet models are designed to save valuable time, they significantly reduce the volume of low value tasks and – wait for it – they will make your staff actually happier in their jobs. They are going to give you the power and flexibility to ask and answer lots of questions. Your numbers, in your hand, on time, error free and looking fantastic. THAT is financial modelling the way we do it.

We have helped clients from Startups to SMEs to £billion Corporates, throughout the UK, across a wide range of sectors. We are qualified Chartered Accountants with significant experience of working in practice, in corporate finance and in industry. We work closely with your Board of Directors, with your IT teams, with your finance teams and with your operational staff. We would love the opportunity to work with YOU. Get in touch for an informal chat about your business.

We think we know what you want…

(we wouldn’t like to presume though)


With comprehensive error reporting and automated worksheet protection, together with an all encompassing focus on best practice model development methodologies you can be confident of using a supremely robust model. Our models will tell you if something is wrong, take you there and tell you how to fix it. Some of our models have been actively in use for well over a decade with little or no support required. We think that’s a pretty good ROI.


We like to think we are a flexible team. Our approach is flexible. Our models are REALLY flexible. What we’re saying here is you’re going to get all the flexibility you want. And perhaps even a little spare. Why is that important? Imagine your financial models being able to answer the questions you want them to answer and doing it quickly, with confidence. This gives you more time to focus on other high priority tasks, or to perform additional analysis, or to run more scenarios, or to go for that lunchtime walk – the point is you are more in control of your day. And your business for that matter.


We know how hard it is for directors to digest board packs full of static reports. Financial reporting needs to be so much more than that. Whether it’s a business performance dashboard or a simple KPI, we can help you to make better use of your financial and operational data to deliver meaningful insights that can be used to support your decision making. We can help you to budget and forecast more effectively, allowing you to flex your assumptions and assess the impact of different strategies. We can help you with project appraisal. We can help you to cleanse, structure and analyse data in ways that allow you to keep track of business performance measures in real time. We can automate laborious tasks to deliver critical outputs quickly and accurately. We can help you to have the information you need, right at your finger tips.


Trust doesn’t happen overnight. It is earned over time. When we build models we do so with a few very important factors at the forefront of our mind. Models must be built to recognised best practice standards. They must be user friendly, we want users to have a great experience. They must have a consistent look and feel, as this makes user training easier. They must have comprehensive error check reporting. Model inputs and outputs must look not just professional, but engaging, beautiful even. Where practical we will suggest additional features if we feel they serve a useful purpose, like saving user time or taking human error out of the equation. All of this – and more – serves as a foundation for a trustworthy model. However, it is only once you start using our models day in day out, that you will find you can rely on the model producing good quality outputs, efficiently and accurately every time. And that is when you will come to trust your model. Hard won, but worth it.


We have seen some really terrible models in our time. They aren’t pretty. They are no fun to use. If you are using models like that, we feel your pain. Our models are designed not just to generate accurate outputs, but also to be easy to use. It’s something we take extremely seriously. We focus on minimising data entry requirements – the less you have to input the more efficient you and the model will be. We structure the model to make sure data cells are visually easy to identify and that they are organised together in logical groups. Data is never hidden away on calculation sheets, on report sheets or, worst of all, hard coded into formulae. We use a consistent formatting style throughout a model but also across all our models which makes user training easier. We believe strongly that aesthetics of a model play a crucial role in user acceptance. Every design decision made is influenced by careful consideration of user-friendliness. If you find it easy to use our models, that gives you more time for review and analysis, which helps you to produce better quality outputs. It also keeps you happier at your work and there is nothing we enjoy more than delivering tools that are not just liked but loved.

We are acutely aware of the risk environment…

(and how to mitigate those risks)

Spreadsheet Hell

Various studies have shown that a significant proportion of spreadsheets that are in active use, supporting business critical decisions do in fact contain errors. We live in a world of fast paced software advancement yet large IT projects are almost always significantly over budget, delivered late and the benefits promised are not achieved. It is common to hear IT teams and software vendors alike, bemoaning the “spreadsheet hell” that companies find themselves in. Yes, badly prepared spreadsheets do represent a significant risk. Yes, allowing untrained staff to develop business critical financial models is asking for trouble. So what is the message here? There is another way. Done well, spreadsheet models developed in accordance with internationally accepted modelling best practices can offer companies huge benefits: Rapid development of robust, flexible tools that solve business problems and make business processes more efficient. Bespoke modelling ensures a perfect fit for the company. And all that can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of those oversized, poorly executed IT projects. World class financial modelling can offer incredible value.

Going from Hell to Hell Yeah

(on the Financial Modelling Excellence train)

We offer not only a director led service but a director delivered service. We are qualified Chartered Accountants and have been developing models since 1994 (Lotus 1-2-3 anyone?). We have a unique blend of technical, commercial and accounting skills that allows us to successfully bridge the gap between Finance and IT. We have been in client facing positions for our entire careers, working closely with boards of directors, banks, shareholders, finance teams and operational staff. We know what it takes to keep our clients happy and we do our utmost to deliver on our promises. Our breadth of service and depth of experience allows us to be confident of delivering tangible benefits quickly to any client in any sector. We have come from a Big 4 financial modelling background though we now choose to operate as a small company because we can offer a better, more personal service. We take pride in delivering exceptional products and developing long lasting client relationships.

Seriously, we are talking kick ass models.


We like to keep everything simple. Including complex models. Thinking straight and talking straight are key tenets of our philosophy. We will tailor our approach to suit both our clients and the nature of each engagement respectively. We will work collaboratively with you to deliver an exceptional product. We will actively strive to help you succeed and will support you on into the future.

We also take our turn to make the coffees.


Our breadth of service and depth of experience allows us to be confident of working in any industry sector, successfully solving problems. When our clients ask us “Can you …” or “Do you think we could …”, our answer is invariably “Yes”. Financial modelling is not just about building spreadsheets. It is about using an incredible toolset to build solutions to problems. If there are financial, reporting or consolidation processes that are not as slick as they should be, if there are data issues somewhere, if employees spend too long on regular tasks: we can help. We can build models, tools, apps, spreadsheets, whatever you want to call them to significantly improve those processes. We can automate laborious manual tasks giving users the ability to click a button to do in seconds what used to take hours. We can automatically bring in data from other systems and manipulate that data, again with the click of a button. Don’t be constrained by what you think spreadsheets are good at – we build exceptional models that challenge those boundaries and deliver measurable value. We don’t like to, but if pushed, we would broadly categorise our services into the six areas set out below.








This section shows some of the projects we have undertaken and the sectors that our clients are in.


– Management accounts model for a biotech university spinoff company
– Financial planning model for an Angel investor financed biotech startup


– Suite of forecasting, reporting, consolidation and operational models for international tertiary education institution

Energy & Utilities

– Financial planning model for an energy supply company
– Financial planning model for a mining company
– Consolidation model for an energy supply company
– Forecasting and reporting suite of models for run-of-river hydro renewable energy group
– Power storage optimisation model for renewable energy consultancy company

Financial Services

– Template MBO model, Template business plan model and a Template management accounts model for a firm of accountants
– Project appraisal model and Project consolidation model for a Bank


– Financial planning model for fishing company
– Stock traceability and sales analytics model for fishing company


– Financial planning model for MBO of a drinks distribution company
– Project appraisal model for luxury milkshake startup company


– Financial planning model for national hotel group


– Financing, operational and financial planning model for 25 year waste management contract operator


– Financing and strategy model for pharmaceutical specials company
– SAP B1 implementation at pharmaceutical specials company


– Suite of forecasting, reporting, consolidation and operational models for healthcare manufacturing group
– Systems implementation project for healthcare manufacturing group
– Power BI / SSAS tabular implementation for healthcare manufacturing group


– Financing, operational and financial planning model for stadium construction project for premiership football club
– Project appraisal model and project consolidation model for a property development company
– Financial planning model for property development company
– Financial process improvement models for public sector arms length property development company


– Financial process improvement model for a software company
– Financial planning model for software development company


– Financial planning model for broadband supply startup company


– Financial model review for the NATS bid
– Bid Model for UK/Swedish ferry services JV
– Bid model for national lifeline ferry services operator
– Financial planning model for UK airport


Stuart was hired to build a very complex financial model. His ability to assimilate information from a complicated industry that Stuart had no previous experience of then translate it into a very detailed functional model was remarkable

Chris Trigg, FD, Spark Energy Ltd

Stuart was a first class person to have in our team. Unquestionable technical skills within financial modelling allied to commercial acumen and a willingness to get the job done

Shaun Millican, Partner, JCCA

…We would recommend Stuart’s expertise to any business looking for a robust, risk assessed and sound solution at points of change in their business. The work he did for us cut our project time by at least 40%.

Bela Patel, Operations Director, IPS Specials


Have a seat, tell us your news, we would love to hear from you…